Be A Diamond, Not A Talc (poem dedicated to the Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines)

A fierce vortex may carry a roof away.
A gigantic earth fault will clash and clutter the walls.
A vacuum circle with a evil eye may sweep all things in one forceful gust.
An extreme army of wind and rain will drown the innocent beings.
A wave of conflagration might incinerate the mortals’ fragile skin.
Even a flowing ribbon of lava will engulf a tree’s beauty.
Yet we are still alive.

We may lose our current plans.
Our shelters, together with our belongings
may be destroyed and no longer in use.
We may be devastated
to see earth turned to deadly black,
yet there is one tiny spark hidden beneath the soil
that will soon grows and glows with great glory,
a luminescence that will blossoms our hearts.

Dear people,
don’t be a sectile, bendable talc.
Your heart may be twisted like its rubber-like body.
Your spirits may be shattered like its weak bonds.
Your soul may be torn like its easily-scratched surface.
do remember the spark that will illuminate
right before your eyes.
It will help to rekindle your heart.
A flame of hope that ignites in brilliant warmth.

Let the flame in you ablaze with wondrous power.
Let’s stand up from the debris left on the ground
and lay hands on one another’s shriveled wings.
Let’s be diamonds that conquer misery,
strong and resistant.
Its surface can’t be damaged
but reflecting beams of bright silver
that an enemy’s eyes be blinded.

Don’t let hypocrisy and sarcasm overcome your thoughts!
Get up on your feet and move!
Fix the cracks and ruins
to create a renewed world.
Keep in mind that you are not engulfed in isolation
for we hold you in our prayers
and God will lend you his mercy and grace.
So open your eyes now.
Be a diamond,
not a talc.


About michhii

My motto: I'm an aspiring writer and I dream of inspiring people. I'll be majoring in either communications or print futures (Journalism)
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