First poem of 2014! (<3 The Vancouver Lights)

The tiny fairies retreat from the bushes,

activating their wands.

They shower waves of dust

that paints the fading evening pink canvas

into an obsidian sheet.

Remains of their magic form into twinkling stars

that makes the sky a masterpiece.


Vancouver, the city

suddenly transforms into an alive atmosphere.

Lamposts lit up their bulbs;

their rays overlap the streets.

Fluorescents and chandeliers from indoors

permeate through glass windows

that are welcomed by rows of string lights above the roads,

saying “Come and join the party!”



glowing with bursts of colors.

Neon signboards illuminate in front of buildings

that summon red, blue, green, and gold ribbons

around the busy streets.

Oh! How I just love the atmosphere!

Nighters pace here and there;

their stomachs growling for the melting pot of cuisines

that are just a stone’s throw from their parking spots.

Or their souls begging for entertainment,

the DJs blast their best beats that echo from clubs.

Boutiques may be closed,

but the eateries ain’t stop celebrating

another birth of a clear night.


Toot! Toot! TOOOOOOOT!

Did you hear that?

The steam clock in Gastown has rang the final hour.

But I wouldn’t want to leave

this vibrant world.

I am not drunk, but I am energized

by the glorious lights that calls the city



About michhii

My motto: I'm an aspiring writer and I dream of inspiring people. I'll be majoring in either communications or print futures (Journalism)
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