Bejeweled Obsidian (First sonnet of 2014)

Diamonds that decorate the night,

their white glow outstands the dark.

Their centers lit up like fireflies.

Four thin edges stretched out like a ninja’s shuriken.

They are scattered over the heaven

as if Iridessa has tossed her pixie dust in thousands of miles.

The complicated patterns they themselves design

creates a mystery that curious eyes can imagine.

Oh how I wish I can stop

and lie down on the roof

to admire such a postcard-like snapshot.

The constellations remain as mirthful as ever,

that I may trace your dots with one active finger

to seek the answer you have clued.


About michhii

My motto: I'm an aspiring writer and I dream of inspiring people. I'll be majoring in either communications or print futures (Journalism)
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