(Michele’s Novella Series) The Magic Mimosa Plant: Freshmen Emissaries (Volume 1:Behold! Emissaries of the Future!)

The Magic Mimosa Plant: Freshmen Emissaries

Volume 1: Behold! Emissaries from the Future!

Written by: Michele Hii

Chapter 1: Cornelia Miraeth

Gulping a can of Dr Pepper, Cyril Miraeth gazed at the twinkling stars hanging in the night sky. He was exhausted after a long, typical day at work. So far nothing bizarre occurred in Los Angeles. He was a single man, but was yearning to have a child. His wife passed away three years ago due to a subway accident in Boston, yet his heart stayed strong.

Suddenly, his brown eyes caught a glimpse in the sky. He stopped sipping the pop can and stared in awe. A gleaming red force field sank down like a feather. Slowly, it landed safely in a corner of Cyril’s front garden. Curious, Cyril carried his feet to the force field. It disappeared in seconds, like an extinguished candlelight. To his utter surprise, a baby girl with tufty black hair and red eyes appeared before his eyes. Her fair complexion glowed under the moonlight.

Cyril gently lifted the baby up and grabbed hold on the warm blanket that was wrapped around the body. Question marks floated on his head. His eyes stared lovingly at the infant as if his heart melted with passion and sympathy.

It turned out that no one owned her or knew her. It was extraordinary to see a baby came down from the sky instead of just born from a mother’s womb. Cyril was astonished to see a swirling tiny flame on the baby’s finger. He tried every adoption centre in LA to convince people to take her in, but they were afraid of a girl who played with fire. The baby was harmless even though she lit up a fire with her bare hands. In the end, Cyril decided to adopt her and named her Cornelia after his late wife.

“Good night, Cornelia.” Cyril smiled, smoothing the baby’s hair before giving a light kiss on her head. The baby slept in a crib next to Cyril’s queen-size bed. As the lights were switched off, a ray of silver moonlight painted the walls vanilla. The room was in dead silence with only the sound of a faint drizzle and the concert of chiming bugs. There was a 15-years-old fairy dressed in a gold dress with a short fluffy skirt, followed by chains of stars surrounding it. She was watching the baby from the half-open door secretly. A smile of relief crept on her heart-faced face. Who was that girl?

“Sir? Sir? Mr. Miraeth? Are you there?” a loud voice boomed from the front door of the semi-detached house.Cyril hurriedly slipped in his work clothes and dashed to the door. When he twisted the doorknob and swung it wide, an 8-years-old boy stood before him. His red hair hung slightly behind his green eyes. “Good morning, Mr. Mirathe!” he greeted. “Good morning, Rufus! You’re up early today!” Cyril smiled in return. “Good morning, buddy!” a male voice startled Cyril. His best friend and workmate, Jake Adams smiled behind the little kid, “Would you mind..” “Of course, Jake! Your son can come by any time! Let me guess, your maid got a hangover again?” Cyril laughed. “You bet it is! She had been drinking again last night!” Jake replied in disgust, “It’s a good thing your maid doesn’t drink.”

“Hey, Jake! I want to show you something, and it’s hard to believe that it’s true. Rufus, you’re coming too.” Cyril suddenly lowered his voice so that no other in the neighbourhood could hear him. “What’s with you, Cyril?” Jake questioned curiously. Cyril quickly motioned him to enter in.

Jake and his little boy, Rufus followed Cyril into his bedroom and pointed at the baby girl in the crib.

“Good Lord! Since when did you have a baby?” Jake hissed in surprise. Everyone kept their voices down so that they won’t wake Cornelia up. “It happened all of a sudden. I was sitting outside last night. And then, a red light landed on my garden, leaving this baby behind. I believe that she’s an orphan, so I take her in and raise her as my own daughter.” Cyril explained. “So you’re expecting me to believe such magic stuff?” Jake snorted with low laughter. “It is true, Jake! Don’t make me! This baby just came out of nowhere in the sky!” Cyril argued. “Okay! Okay! I’m just joking, man!” Jake smiled.

Rufus craned his head to get a better look at the baby. Suddenly, the baby’s eyes flickered open and let out a yawn. “Good morning, Cornelia!” Cyril said, lifting her up. “She’s such a sweetheart, I must say.” Jake smiled, carried the baby from Cyril’s hands. “She’s indeed my little girl, no matter what background she is from.” Cyril agreed. The infant wailed when Jake held her, but after a few tickles and lifting high in the air, she began to smile. “Can I carry her, Dad?” Rufus volunteered. “Well, I’m afraid you can’t, Rufus. You’re too young to carry her.” Jake warned his son. “Oh! Jake! We gotta go!” Cyril said while looking at the time.

Cyril’s maid, Ella, arrived at the house just in time. Cyril and Jake grabbed their briefcases and told Ella to take care of Rufus and Cornelia while they were gone to work. At first, Ella was surprised to hear the name of another child. Once she saw the baby in the crib, her heart melted with tenderness.

“Ella! Can I carry her?” Rufus begged. “Well, do you have strong arms?” Ella asked. Rufus stood in front of her, raising both arms and posed as a muscle man. “You’ve got to be careful, young lad. The baby’s fragile.” Ella said, carrying Cornelia. “I promise I’ll be careful, Ella.” Rufus grinned. Ella then slowly placed the baby onto Rufus’. The young boy gently held the baby’s head and bottom. A smile of joy and relief crawled on his face. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Ella sighed, admiring Cornelia’s red eyes. “I want to play with her, Ella.” Rufus suggested. “Wait till she grows a little older, Rufus.” Ella replied.

Years passed. Cyril became a wonderful father to Cornelia. Jake became a fun uncle, and Rufus became her everyday playmate. Ella ensured that the new family member was well-fed and safe. As a curious child, Cornelia noticed the girl in gold every night. It was like she was guarded by an angel. There was something special about her, and sooner or later, the background about her will be revealed.

Chapter 2: Turning 13

13-years-old Cornelia Miraeth was still sleeping in her own bedroom. It was October 14, Cornelia’s birthday. And Cyril had everything planned out.

5am in the morning, Rufus pounded to Cyril’s house with heavy eye bags. The 19-years-old boy groaned while knocking on the front door. “Good morning, Rufus! Sorry I made you wake up so early.” Cyril’s head popped out with an apologizing smile. “That’s okay, Mr. Mireth. Today we have to make this day special for Cornelia.” Rufus replied with a lion yawn. “So…here’s the plan. You take Cornelia out to town for the whole day. Jake, Ella, and I will come back here to prepare the food and decorations for the surprise party. We’ll also invite some of her friends to come as well.” Cyril whispered so that Cornelia won’t wake up. “Got it, sir.” Rufus replied. “Okay! I have to go. Early shift today. You can sleep on the couch if you want.” Cyril smiled.

Rufus rested his head on the couch cushions with his eyes sealed shut. He found himself in Slumberland for another two hours, until someone shook his left shoulder. “Rufus! Good morning! What are you doing here?” Cornelia’s soft, yet enthusiastic voice floated to his ears. “Cornelia! You’re awake!” Rufus exclaimed in alert, “Um..well..” “Where’s Dad? He usually goes to work at 7:30am.” Cornelia asked. “He has early shift,” Rufus replied, “so I’m responsible for taking you out while he’s gone.” “The whole day?” Cornelia smirked. “Yeah, pretty much.” Rufus smiled. “Is this some sort of plan for my…birthday?” Cornelia winked slyly. “Oh my! Look at the time! We’ve got to go!” Rufus jabbed. He grabbed his car keys and dragged his childhood friend out of the house. “You’re changing the subject.” Cornelia giggled. “Look! We’ll be spending the whole day at Universal Studios. I’m sure you’ll won’t get bored easily.” Rufus said.

Music blasted from the disc player of Rufus’ mobile. Funny that, the songs that were played matched the hot and sunny weather, which welcomed a new day of summer. “Hey! I heard that there is LA’s first fairy academy.” Rufus said which broke Cornelia’s humming to the song. “A fairy academy? Since when there is magic on earth?” Cornelia asked. “Some queen from another dimension build a huge fairy school near a sacred forest. There are a huge number of fairies in the entire universe, that’s what she say to the reporters. You better check out this newspaper. This queen sure knows how to begin a business.” Rufus replied.

Cornelia remembered the old times when Cyril told her numerous bedtime stories about fairies, gnomes, and fantasy creatures every night. Since then, she got interested in fairies. She sat bolt upright when Rufus handed her a newspaper. The headlines in bold “Cressida’s Fairy Academy” stood in front of her eyes.

Half of the trees in Ryethest forest was cut down to build the academy. It took three years to build the entire school. Queen Cressida has high hopes to raise as many fairies around the universe to become powerful fairies in the future. “Those who wish to level up their powers and become advanced fairies at the end of their academy years, what are you waiting for? Register now! You’ll never knew what’s in store for you!” 

“Why am I reading this anyway?” Cornelia asked. “I thought you’ll be interested in this. You love fairies, don’t you?” Rufus reminded. “I do, but I’ve never imagined that this could happen in real life.” the girl replied.

“Speaking of that, there’s the academy.” Rufus said, pointing at a further end through the window. The school included four huge buildings of solid gleaming white marble that surrounded a classy glass water fountain in a circle. The windows were crystal-clear Italian glass and the front gate was iron silver that glistened under the summer eye. “The academy looks expensive!” Cornelia exclaimed. “Paigenium Fairy Academy suddenly becomes the talk of the world today, even to normal humans. So, are you hoping to it?” Rufus asked while turning the steering wheel to the right. “Of course not! I don’t want to leave Dad alone back home, and if I go for it I won’t be able to see you again.” Cornelia replied firmly. “But..there’s something unique about you! Cyril, Jake, Ella, and I always seeing you having flames on your fingertips since you were a baby. It is like you have magical powers or something.” Rufus pointed out. Cornelia froze for a minute. She looked at her hands. As she snapped her fingers, a couple of glowing fire popped on her fingers. Was she a mystical creature? “Rufus! Don’t make me change my mind! I already told you, I’m not going!” Cornelia snapped, blowing the fire off. “Okay! Whatever you say! Look, we’ll just have fun this whole day. I promise.” Rufus replied.

Cornelia had a great time with Rufus at Universal Studios. She was not a roller-coaster person, so Rufus decided to take her to watch the Shrek 4D adventure. She could feel water sprayed to her face, mist gushed to her skin, spiders fell onto her legs, and seats hovering here and there like as if she was riding on a dragon. But most of all, she loved the images on the screen popped onto her 4D goggles, like she was involved in a real life video game. Rufus and Cornelia also had a chance to watch the Blues Brothers perform, plus explore the history of the studios itself at NBC Universal Experience. Since Cornelia was into film production, Rufus took her to the special effects stage,where she could gained knowledge about 3D technology, the talk of the world. One thing that Cornelia enjoyed the most was meeting her favourite characters from a few movies she loved, like the characters from Shrek and the lovable, hilarious Lorax.

“That’s weird. Shouldn’t Dad be back from work? How come he didn’t pick up his phone?” Cornelia asked worriedly after punching the “call” icon on her smartphone for 5 times. “Maybe his phone ran out of battery.” Rufus guessed, trying really hard to back Cyril up. Of course he wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise party. “This is no good. I should be going back home now.” Cornelia gave in. “Whoa! Wait!” Rufus refused, grabbing her by her left arm,”There’s still one more place I want to take you.”

Cornelia was led to the gates of a outdoor theatre called WaterWorld. She admitted that the drama performed by the actors and actresses were actually pretty good. She was blown away by the blasting water, the bursting fire, and the shooting gunfires followed by dangerous-looking stunts. As the sky was painted in layers of pink, amber, and topaz, Rufus was signalled,naturally, to drive Cornelia back to Clover Street. “Taking me out to Universal Studios the whole day, Dad’s not picking up my calls, you even avoiding my questions about my birthday, what in the world is going on?” Cornelia finally burst out. Rufus hid a smirk while focusing on his driving. Finally, they arrived at the garage of the house.

“Go on! Open the door!” Rufus said, pushing Cornelia’s back playfully. Cornelia twisted the doorknob of the front door. As it swung open, the lights of the living room suddenly flickered open. A table with mouth-watering food appeared before Cornelia’s eyes.

“SURPRISE!!!” Cyril, Jake, and Ella jumped out of their hiding places like little kids. Cornelia’s jaw dropped like a pinball. “Happy birthday, sweetheart!” Rufus smiled. “So that’s why you have been keeping me off the house the whole day!” Cornelia laughed. “Well I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.” Rufus replied.

“Thank you, everyone, for giving me this lovely surprise!” Cornelia smiled. The five merry people sat by the table, enjoying the feast. “To Cornelia, for turning into a young adult.” Cyril announced, holding a glass of wine up in the air. Everyone raised theirs. “Cheers!” The room was filled with the clinking of glasses and waves of laughter.

Chapter 3: Truth revealed

“Good day, ma’am!” a mail man greeted from the gate. “Good morning, sir!” Cornelia replied, “Any letters for me?” The mail man fished in his bag and took out an envelope and an advertisement. “Thank you!” Cornelia smiled, taking them from the mail man’s hand. “Have a good day, ma’am.” the mail man bade goodbye.

“Hey, sweetie! What you got there?” Cyril asked. Cornelia entered inside as soon as the mail man left. “This is for you, Dad. Another letter from the bank.” Cornelia answered, handing the blue envelope to her father. “And what’s that?” Cyril asked, looking at the advertisement. Cornelia grabbed her pair of red, round-shaped spectacles and read the paper.

                                             Paigenium Academy

                                           Enrolment for Fairies

Are you a fairy who seeks for upgrading of magic? Are you a 13 to 17 years old girl who is willing to make the earth enlightened with fairy dust and magic spells? Then Paigenium Fairy Academy is the right place for you! I, Queen Cressida, would like to welcome you to the lifestyle of a high school fairy. Start applying online now and get the information updates through e-mail to register for your first semester this September. 

Once you’ve applied, you are welcomed to come to our very first orientation.

Date: August 25 

Time: 9am to 6pm

Registration venue: The atrium (main entrance)

Things to bring: photo ID (passport) and student number.

“Are you kidding me?” Cornelia groaned. She tossed the paper at the kitchen counter. “What’s with that attitude?” Cyril asked, raising one eyebrow. “Oh! Nothing, really.” Cornelia lied.

Cyril peeked at the advertisement. “A fairy academy, eh? Since when there’s magic?” he chuckled. “Well, haven’t you heard the news of the fairy academy built here in LA?” Cornelia gruffed. “Of course. It’s all over the news.” Cyril replied. His giddy face suddenly switched to a serious frown. “Cornelia, I have to tell you something. And I believe it’s about time.” “Why? I know that I’m adopted. Isn’t that enough?” Cornelia asked. “Yes, but..this is something more. Something you can never imagine.” Cyril said, “You might notice that you have fire on your fingers.” “I know. Rufus told me about it.” Cornelia nodded. “Oh! Did he?” Cyril exclaimed, “Well, then you probably know that you’re not a human.” “Dad, just because I have fire on my fingers doesn’t mean that I’m a beast.” Cornelia laughed softly. “What I’m saying is…you’re not just a human. You’re something else, like a wizard or something.” Cyril replied.

Cornelia stood still for a minute. “Dad, don’t expect that I’m a fairy.” she breathed. “Well, who knows! If you’re really a fairy, then you should go to the academy.” Cyril suggested. “Oh no! Please don’t, Dad!” Cornelia whined, “My life is here! I love being with you, Dad! And I’ll be going to Palms Middle School this fall!” “Yeah, but..somehow plans change. Going to Paigenium will be a good experience for you to learn to use that extraordinary power of yours.” Cyril replied. “I can’t believe you’re trying to force me to change my mind!” Cornelia snapped. “Look, Cornelia! I know this is sudden, but you can’t wait for too long till you realize that you haven’t found your second self. That power is yours is truly remarkable, and you have to use it before it’s too late. If you’re a fairy, I want you to go to the academy.” Cyril explained without raising his temper.

A couple of tears sprang from Cornelia’s eyes. She immediately took off upstairs and locked herself in her bedroom.

Cornelia enjoyed her despair time for an hour. She didn’t mean to behave like that in front of her father, but she couldn’t believe that she was told to go without giving herself a chance to think over. “Hey! Cornelia! Do you have a minute?” Rufus’ voice floated from the window. Cornelia wiped away her tears with a napkin before poking her head out. “Can we talk at the park? It’s something important.” Rufus smiled. “Important?” Cornelia repeated, surprised.

Cornelia dashed downstairs and out of the house without saying a word to Cyril. She hurriedly tailed after her friend down to Clover Park. “So what is it you want to tell me, Rufus?” Cornelia asked. “Let’s talk while we lay down.” Rufus winked, “It’s about my plans for this fall.” “Sure.” Cornelia replied, feeling a little confused. The 19-years-old boy and the 13-years-old girl rested their heads on the soft grasses and blew the white florets off the dandelions. “I…I heard that you’re going to Paigenium this fall.” Rufus started. “Please don’t talk about that.” Cornelia groaned. “Well, I think it’s a good experience for you.” Rufus voiced out his opinion. “I’m not a fairy, Rufus.” Cornelia rolled her eyes in dismay.

               “But what if you are?”

               “How come I don’t have wings? I’m telling you I’m not a fairy!”

               “Maybe someday you might find out what your alter ego is. We just couldn’t help seeing you playing with fire.”

                “Oh! And you got a problem with that?”

                “No, it’s just that you’re more than just a human.”

There was a silence. Cornelia wished she could just being a regular person, with her friends back in school and a normal family.

                “You know, it’s time for me to go to college. I’ll be going to San Francisco tomorrow.”


                 “I know! I should have told you earlier. But I’m afraid that you wouldn’t accept it.”

                 “Rufus! You’re leaving me! Does that mean I’ll never get to see you again?”

                 “Silly girl! Of course we’ll see each other again! I’ll come back every summer!”

                 “How long are you going to be there?”

                 “Four years.”

Cornelia couldn’t imagine how four years of leaving home looked like. If she studied in Paigenium for…well..5 years, wouldn’t that considered as leaving home too? Thinking about leaving her father all alone in the house gave her a massive breakdown. Rufus could read the anxiety on her face, so he gave her a hug. “Everything’s going to be fine, kiddo.” he smiled, “Imagine this! I’ll be studying aboard, meeting new friends, exploring a whole new environment, and looking forward to the career of my dreams! You’ll be doing that too!” “I..I guess that sounds like a lot of fun.’ Cornelia mumbled. “Isn’t it?” Rufus grinned.

The summer sunlight flashed down like a torchlight. Cornelia allowed her skin to soak into the heat. “Tell you what. If you enjoy one week of school in Paigenium, that means you like being in a new environment, just like college. I’ll write to you once I arrive at San Francisco, okay?” Rufus suggested. “Pinky swear?” Cornelia quizzed, putting out her finger. “Pinky swear!” Rufus smiled and locked his around hers. “Do you think I’m actually a fairy?” Cornelia asked. “Well, the only way to find out is to ask your father. Or perhaps a lost family member of yours.” Rufus replied, “Don’t worry. There will be someone who can answer all your questions about your background.”

That night, Cyril invited The Adams over for one last dinner before Rufus leave for his flight the next day. Cornelia went for last minute shopping to buy a gift for Rufus. As they were saying their prayers by the dining table, Cornelia suddenly slammed the front door open in a rough manner. The Adams and Cyril stared at the girl who panted like a dog. “Rufus, I have something for you!” Cornelia blurted out. She marched forward and handed a blue-wrapped box. “For me?” Rufus asked in surprise. Cornelia nodded, looking down the floor. Gently, Rufus unwrapped the present and lifted a silver key chain which engraved “Friends Forever”. “Oh! Cornelia! You shouldn’t have!” Rufus smiled real big. He then gave his childhood friend a hug as a thank you. From his chest, Rufus could hear sobs from the girl. “I’ll miss you a whole lot!” Cornelia wailed in her crying. Rufus squeezed her tighter, whispering that he would miss her dearly too.

Shortly, Ella approached with a large plate of juicy turkey and a bowl of mashed potatoes with gravy. “Let’s eat and be merry, everyone!” Cyril uttered joyfully. “To my son, for finally on his way to the future. I wish him the best of luck.” Jake Adams announced, raising his glass of wine in the air. “Rufus will definitely do well in college. All the best in San Francisco, Rufus!” Cyril agreed. “I wish you the best in everything, Rufus.” Cornelia smiled, lifting her glass of iced tea. “Thanks, everyone!” Rufus replied gratefully.

After Rufus left the house for one last time, pearly droplets clung to Cornelia’s eyelashes. She wouldn’t want to cry, for she was a young lady. Seeing her only close friend leaving her behind caused her heart to become cold stone. She watched a cluster of stars twinkling in the night sky like forever.

“You have to go to the academy.” a voice suddenly chimed in her bedroom. Cornelia gasped, and sat bolt upright with her brain whizzing in alert. She could feel her heart thundered madly inside her chest. Her adrenaline gushed like a speeding engine. “Who’s there?” Cornelia quivered. Suddenly, golden dust swirled at a corner. The lady who she saw every night appeared magically before her very eyes. “Don’t be afraid, Cornelia. I am here to speak with you.” the lady smiled. She was walking towards Cornelia as her golden high heels clicked lightly on the floor. “Who are you?” Cornelia asked, still frightened. “I’m Sapphrine, a princess of Dynado, the planet of stars and the centre of the universe. You might not remember me very well, but I’m the one who send you here on Earth.” the lady replied. Cornelia blinked, looking blank. “The reason why you’re here is because of me. I deliver you to Earth when you were a baby.” Sapphrine explained, hoping to be clearer. “You’re the one who send me down to Los Angeles?” Cornelia finally understood. “Yes! And I’m relieved that you’re safe and healthy. Thanks to that father of yours.” Sapphrine continued, “Anyway, I’m here to set things right. You’re the youngest princess of Dynado, and I’m your elder sister. Our parents, King Zatcheral and Queen Lizareth are protecting our kingdom from destruction. And our brother, Prince Apaleth is fighting from a masked enemy, Aetus.” “Um…this is just way too much.” Cornelia shrugged. “I think I have an idea to explain better.” Sapphrine replied.

The lady in gold blew her right palm gently. A star of bright golden light appeared. She tossed it up to the ceiling before it burst into showers of mist that fogged across the room. A few seconds later, Cornelia found herself in a huge room with walls made of gold. A beautiful queen lied on a bed, looking pale. Her fair, heart-shaped face was pasted with pain. A few royal servants were surrounding the bed, excited and cautious as they watched the queen’s third child to be born. Sapphrine was beside the queen, holding a blanket.

Outside the castle, cries of anger could be heard clearly. Sounds of bombs and explosions echoed in the air. Cornelia could tell that a war was happening. “Is this Dynado?” Cornelia asked herself. She hoped she wasn’t spotted by the queen or the servants. Quietly, she tiptoed to the window. In front of her eyes were musketeers and mystical creatures fighting over one another. It was like a ferocious, clashing drama of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Swords clashed, cannonballs fell to long distances from handmade catapults, shields hovering for protection, bare fists from elementals punched harshly, attacking spells aimed from wands. It was havoc! Cornelia noticed a man in rich clothing covered with blood stains and a golden crown on his black hair. “That must be King Zatcheral. Is he my father?” Cornelia thought. She also noticed a young boy with a silver crown, which explained that he was her elder brother, Prince Apaleth. And the opponent was a man with a black mask which covered his entire face. Only his stingy bronze eyes could be seen. His lips were pulled into a cruel grin. It was obvious that the man didn’t want to take off his mask.

Suddenly, a loud wail made Cornelia jump. She turned her back and saw Sapphrine carrying an infant in the blanket. “Congratulations! Your highness!” the maids cheered. A grateful smile crawled on Queen Lizareth’s face. Her face was no longer white. She carried the newborn baby in her arms happily. The happy moment was interrupted by a harsh knock on the door. “Surrender!Under the name of Aetus!” a soldier’s voice boomed. Sapphrine quickly snatched the baby away and waved one finger above her head. A ribbon of golden light swirled around her and the baby, vanished in a flash. Cornelia was suddenly teleported to a flight of stairs, where Sapphrine rushed up to the attic. Sapphrine spotted a couple of shadows behind her and quickly paced her speed upstairs. Worried that the soldiers were catching up, she transformed into her fairy form and chanted a spell, “Heartique! Stars of the veil! Blind these soldiers with your comets of stardust!” “You’re under arrest, princess Sapphrine!” one of the dark soldiers cried. A couple of white comets floated towards the two nemesis. which startled them in incredibly bright stars. Sapphrine then escaped from the groaning soldiers and made it to the top of the castle. “You need a safe place to stay away from this commotion. I fear that the masked man will hunt for you, so I have no choice but to let you go.” Sapphrine whispered to her baby sister. A tear strung from her left eye that nearly smudged her angel white eye shadow, but she collected her courage and inserted the baby into a swirling portal.

Cornelia was again teleported to another illusion. Cyril was drinking Dr Pepper at the balcony, the same night when he found Cornelia. A red force field from the attic portal sank down from the night sky. Cornelia herself saw the young-looking Cyril rushed to the force field and carried the baby with love and tenderness.

Shortly, Cornelia was sent back to her bedroom. Her elder sister stood at a corner of her bed. “That..explains everything.” Cornelia finally uttered. “That masked man you saw was an unknown villager in Dynado. He was currently our number one assassin. He told us that he wanted to destroy Dynado and take our father’s throne to become king. We beg him many times to take off his mask, but he refused. His identity could never be revealed.” Sapphrine explained, “Funny that, his voice sounded familiar. Way too familiar. We have no clue at all who is behind the mask.”

“Umm..Sapphrine?” Cornelia asked softly. “Yes?” Sapphrine smiled. “Am I a fairy?” Cornelia spilt the question she kept storing in her head. “Why I’m glad you ask!” Sapphrine beamed wider, “Dynado has a big population of fairies, and you and I are one of them!” Cornelia’s eyes widened with surprise. “As you saw in the illusion, I’m the fairy of stars.” Sapphrine continued, “I can draw stars into patterns called constellation and shoot comets at targets in full speed.” “What about me?” Cornelia asked. “You are a fairy of fire. You are given an extraordinary flame. A close friend of our parents’, Enchantress Catherine Soverina, had a clear vision that the third child in Mom’s womb was going to be a girl, that means a fairy was going to be born, which is you. So she was thinking of giving you a present. She travelled to a Chinese island called Nideysee Realm, and she tamed a dragon names Jing Huo.” Sapphrine told her sister, “Jing Huo” means “gold flame” in Chinese. It once exhaled an incredibly large flame. That flame was surrounded by universal magic, one that can’t be obtained by any other magical people. So, once Enchantress Catherine received the flame, she knew that it would be the perfect gift for you. She transferred the flame into Mom’s womb, just before the war begun.”

“I never knew that I had such a great gift.” Cornelia breathed. She then looked closely at her fingers. A tiny drop of fire flickered automatically. “That fire of yours is the colour of pure gold. Once it gets bigger, it will have shades of yellow and red, which signifies that you have a part of Jing Huo’s power, and it’s very incredible indeed.” Sapphrine explained. “Everything’s all clear now.” Cornelia sighed with relief, “I guess I have something important to do tomorrow.” “You’re going to Paigenium Fairy Academy, aren’t you?” Sapphrine answered without guessing. “How do you..” Cornelia gasped. “I overheard the conversation between yourself and Rufus this afternoon.” Sapphrine replied, “Get yourself ready, because Paigenium is going to be the place for you to learn more about yourself and to upgrade your powers.”

A fancy silver clock with a fairy statue stood in front of Cornelia’s eyes. “It’s past curfew. I should be in bed by now.” Cornelia said. “Oh! Very well then. I’ll see you again tomorrow. Sweet dreams, little sister.” Sapphrine replied and waved goodnight. Cornelia made her way to the bathroom, just in time to peek at the lady in gold who disappeared in the moonlight. Her decision is final. She would be registering herself to Paigenium the next day. She slipped in her pyjamas and washed herself up before tucking in her bed covers.

Chapter 4: In Front Of The Gates

“What? Dad, why can’t you come to Paigenium with me?” Cornelia whined. It was another common morning, and Cyril rushed his breakfast before heading to work. “I’m sorry, sweetie! But I don’t want to miss work! The only option for you is to go there by yourself.” Cyril replied, stuffing his mouth with a bagel. “I’m scared of going alone, Dad!” Cornelia shivered.

                          “You can do this, sweetie! You can transit yourself to Emerald street and walk to Pine Avenue. “

                           “But Dad, I don’t know how to do so!”

                            “Here, you can borrow my ipod. The map app will definitely take you to the right directions. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Learn to register yourself and submit in all the documents like I told you, okay?”

                             “(sigh) Okay.”

                              “Love you.”

“Love you too, Dad.” Cornelia finally gave in. She watched her father dashed out of the door. Her eyes then dropped onto the flyer she received yesterday. “Get yourself ready, because Paigenium is going to be the place for you to learn more about yourself and to upgrade your powers.” Sapphrine words echoed in her head. The conversation last night gave her a sense of confidence to move forward. Slowly, she rose up from the chair and grabbed her purse. “I can do this!” Cornelia strengthened herself before locking the door of the house.

“So..you are interested of enrolling to Paigenium?” the director of the academy asked. Cornelia was all puffy after a long journey to the school. It was a pity that the director gave the girl no seat in the office. “Lady! I’m asking a question! Answer me!” the director growled. “Oh ! Um…yes, ma’am!” Cornelia squeaked. Mrs. Haydez squinted closely at Cornelia with her golden brimmed spectacles fixed up on the bridge of her nose. “Tell me, Miss Miraeth. Do you know anything about fairy magic?” Mrs. Haydez asked. “Yes, well, unexpectedly.” the timid child replied. “What do you mean unexpectedly?” the director frowned. Cornelia just froze there like a statue. She wondered whether telling the strict woman what she saw last night. Finally, she took a deep breath and spoke, “I just found out that I’m the lost princess of this planet called Dynado. And yes, it is bizarre to believe so.” “Believe? Magic is real, honey!” Mrs. Haydez argued. “And did you say that you’re the lost princess of Dynado?”

The director’s face switched to a smile of surprise and relief. Before the girl could reply, Mrs. Haydez snapped her fingers to send a magic message to the headmistress of Paigenium. “Wait here, darling! There’s someone who has been looking for you in ages.” Mrs. Haydez smiled. Question marks floated on Cornelia’s head in full curiosity. 2 minutes later, an elegant lady dressed in lavender walked through the door. Her tightly-bond red curls flung gently wherever she went and the hemline of her gown rustled on the carpets. What attracted Cornelia the most was the Topaz crown on the lady’s head that matched her pair of magnificent wings.”You send me a message, Phoebe?” the lady asked. “Yes, your majesty! This girl here says that she’s the lost princess.” Mrs. Haydez replied.

The headmistress stared at Cornelia for a few minutes. “Is there a problem?” Cornelia asked. “Little girl, do you know anything about your family?” the headmistress quizzed while kneeling down in front of her. “Well, I only know my elder sister Sapphrine.” Cornelia replied.

                     “And do you know anything about Dynado?”

                     “Sapphrine told me all about the war, ma’am.”

                     “Then you are definitely the lost princess. I’m Queen Cressida, a friend of your mother’s. Queen Lizareth would be so happy to hear that you’re okay.”

Cornelia shook hands with the headmistress of Paigenium Fairy Academy. She was indeed dumbfounded that the principal would be a friend of her birth mother.

“You’ve grown so tall! And you looked just like your mother.” Queen Cressida beamed, “Come with me.”

Before she knew it, the queen gave her a tour around the campus. Down the corridor, Cornelia gazed at the crystal clear glass ceilings in awe. The sunlight flashed through the panes that caused the golden walls to sparkle.

“Here’s your class schedule, my dear.” Queen Cressida smiled. She then snapped her fingers that elicited a scroll. It dropped onto Cornelia’s hands like a sinking balloon. She hastily unrolled the paper and read the timetable with both excitement and nervousness. There are a balanced number of fairy courses and non-fairy courses. There’s definitely English and Math and Science and Social Studies and Physical Education, but the fairy courses are the ones that got her attention. “Enchantology, Element Control Assessment (ECA), Fairy Algebra, Fairy Geography, Morpholisus (fairy history) and Fairy Language.” Cornelia read the names of the courses in fascination.”I know those subjects are new to you, but don’t worry. You’ll get used to them.” Queen Cressida smiled.

The headmistress showed her the assembly hall, the huge gymnasium, the classrooms, the spell laboratories, the rabbit-burrow-long library, and an ancient oak tree in the beautiful school garden. The oak tree caught her attention the most. It was no ordinary tree anyone had seen on Earth. The tree seemed to be stretched out high to the sky with its long branches and glittering green leaves.Yes, that’s right. Glittering. And there’s all kinds of berries that grew at the edges of each branch.

“Your highness, what is this tree?” Cornelia asked. “This is the Destiny Tree. It has those large dents on its tree trunk to fit in six Destiny Snowflakes. Have you heard about the quests for this?” Queen Cressida replied. The girl shook her head immediately.

“You’ll find out during your fist assembly next Monday.”

“Can’t you just tell me what is it?”

“I’m sorry,dear. It’s a surprise. The set of incredible quests will be revealed on the first day of school.”

A disappointed look plastered on the 13-years-old sweetheart’s face.

“Shouldn’t you be meeting up with your dad?” the queen asked.

“Oh snap! I forgot! Wait, how do you know that I’m suppose to meet up with my dad?”

“It’s magic, honey. I use telepathy to read your mind.”

“It’s great to meet you, Your Highness.”

“Please, just call me Cressida.”

Cornelia returned a smile and hurriedly carried her feet off to the gates. On the way back home in a cab, her mind was flashing back what has happened back in Paigenium. She wondered whether the headmistress could tell more about her birth parents. Ever since Sapphrine came to her life and told her everything to settle things straight, Cornelia was eager to ask for more details.

The cab arrived at a Dairy Queen restaurant. Cornelia quickly paid the driver before she dashed out.

“Cornelia! You’ve made it!” Cyril grinned from ear to ear. The father, still in his business suit, watched from a table as his daughter walked by. “I’m sorry that I’m fifteen minutes late!” Cornelia panted. “Hey, no worries!” Cyril forgave, “It looks like you’re having fun at the academy.” “Oh my gosh! You won’t believe what happened back there, daddy!” Cornelia jabbed, “Paigenium was owned by an old friend of my real mother! Her name is Cressida and she’s very nice. She even gave me a tour around the school this whole morning and discussed about my school schedule.” “That’s wonderful, sweetie! I’m glad you finally like the school. So are you looking forward to your first day of fairy school?” Cyril asked. “You bet, daddy!” the daughter replied. “Well, here’s to you, for wishing you all the best.” he said, raising his can of Dr Pepper. “Thanks, dad!” the girl beamed, clinking her can of iced tea against his.

That night, Cornelia received her first email from Rufus, her childhood friend. Just as he promised, Rufus wrote to her once he settled in San Francisco. The 13-years-old girl clicked on the inbox icon and read the message on the laptop screen.

Hey, Cornelia! I have just arrived here in San Francisco. Once I entered in the university, I was welcomed with warm hands by the crew here. I think I am going to make myself comfortable here, but of course I really miss my family, Cyril, and you. I’ll be fine. God will definitely answer my prayers for watching over me. So, did you register for Paigenium Acedemy already? 

Cornelia couldn’t wait to tell him about the registration. She immediately moved her wireless mouse on the desk and clicked on the “reply” button.

Hey, Rufus! I have registered to Paigenium. The headmistress happens to know me well and she’s nice enough to give me a tour around the academy. I am excited for the first day of school. And you’re right. There is someone who can tell everything about my past. I met my long lost sister, Sapphrine and she told me that it takes courage and confidence to become a fairy. Well, wish me luck and hope to hear from you again someday.

Cornelia proofread the message before sending it back to Rufus. After one click of her mouse and the email was sent, she saw a light shower of silver stars floating near her desk.

“Hello there, Cornelia!” a melodious voice approached. Cornelia gladly turned her back and saw her big sister standing by the window. “Did you really have to come over here every night?” Cornelia asked. “Well, yes. I want to check on you to make sure that you’re okay.” Sapphrine answered, “So you’re registered to Paigenium. I’m proud of you.” “How do you know about that?” Cornelia questioned in surprise.

                                              “I saw you this morning. I was tailing after you without anyone noticing my appearance.”

                                              “Are you a ghost? Or are you using some sort of invisible spell?”

                                              “It’s invisibility.”

                                              “Do you know anything about Queen Cressida? She’s the headmistress of Paigenium and she says that she’s a friend of our mother. Is that true?”

                                               “She is indeed a close friend of Mum’s. I remember when she always come by to visit our family back in Dynado. She even was excited when Mum gave birth to you. Cressida used to rule Dynado before our parents.”

Fascinated by the story, Cornelia sat on her bed and folded her legs.”What happened?”

                                                  ” She got defeated by some sort of darkness. The people of Dynado had no idea where did the darkness came from. Luckily, she got rescued by her friend, our mother. She realized that our mother is much stronger and braver that she is, so she decided to give her crown to our mother.”


                                                  “She the pursued another bigger dream of hers, that is, to build Paigenium. As a fairy queen, she holds her responsibility of keeping her powers, but she also wants to raise students who are willing to become real fairies.”

Cornelia got out of the bed and took her school schedule from the desk.

                                                   “What can I do in there? I don’t know anything about magic.”

Sapphrine put out her hand for Cornelia to hand her the schedule. As she scan through the courses, a familiar smile lit up on her face. “These courses are similar to the ones I took back home. Your powers can be upgraded with Element Control Assessment. You’ll definitely be fascinated by Enchantology. It includes everything about magic around the universe.” she explained, “All fairies master their magic in Enchantology, that’s wht it’s a compulsory course for every fairy institutions. Oh! And you’ have to learn fairy language. You’ll be given field trips and assignments to communicate with different kinds of fairies all over the dimensions.”

“That sounds exciting!” Cornelia exclaimed. She seemed to be shivering a little. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Yes, you can, my dear. You just need to have faith in yourself.” Sapphrine emboldened, “I have a strong feeling that you’re going to love it there.”


Days flew by, and Monday came. That very morning, rays of saffron flashed through the bedroom window that kissed Cornelia’s eyelids. The girl got up with a sudden whirlwind of excitement spinning in her mind. She leaped out of her bed and got herself ready for her first day of school. She got dressed in her best red collar shirt and pair of jeans. 5 seconds later, the aroma of freshly-baked honey croissants ribboned in the air. This could be her last home-made breakfast with her dear father, and she knew that the croissants were made just for her.

Finally, she dragged her silver Polo suitcase and her red backpack down the stairs. From the kitchen door, Cyril’s warm smile greeted her for the morning. His mouth whistled the tune of “Good Time” while he pulled out a tray of croissants from the oven.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay, dad?” Cornelia asked, nibbled a bite of the delicious bread roll. “Don’t put too much worries on me, sweetheart. Besides, you’re growing up and you need to learn to do things by yourself, just like you go to Paigenium to register all by yourself.” the father replied. Anxiety were written all over the girl’s face. “You’re not alone, Cornelia. Queen Cressida is there to help you, don’t worry. And I’m positive that you’ll make some new friends.”

                “But what if I was bullied, just like back in Palms?”

                “Sweetie, it takes courage to talk and make friends. When you talk, take your time to let words flow out, all right? Any friend could be happy to hang out with a sweet girl like you.”

You may find Cornelia as a girl everyone adore. But she was a girl who hid behind lockers back in Palms middle school. She was teased by stuck-up popular kids, heard names called behind her back. Her dad saw this but he believed in her that she could stand up and be brave.

After the croissant munching and the conversation that seemed like forever, Cornelia glanced at her watch, realizing that it was time to leave. In the nick of time, a cab halted smoothly in front of the garage door. Cornelia gave one last hug to her father and whispered goodbye. Then, to prevent any emotional responses, Cornelia pulled a smile before making her way outside of her no-longer-so-called home. Cyril watched with a mixture of happiness, proudness, and sadness as the cab drove Cornelia away from the house.

40 minutes later, the cab arrived in front of the large steel gates of the school. Cornelia felt her legs turned jelly, but she gripped courage to stand on the ground. Her fingers was tightly wrapped on the handle of her suitcase. “Well..this is it!” she murmured under her breath. Shortly, she found herself walking down the marble stone pavement.

Chapter 5: Fantastic Orientation 

A total of 300 students lined up vertically in the school hall. Queen Cressida was standing at a glass podium with the Paigenium logo engraved on its surface. “Welcome staff, teachers, and girls, to Paigenium Academy. I am grateful to have such a big number of girls from earth and all magical dimensions in the galaxy.” she presented her speech, “Paigenium is a special place. You will be trained to cast magic spells, create incantations with your own fairy dust, learning how to overcome obstacles and tackle enemies, and most of all, learning yourself. You will discover your strongest skills and your fairy essence. Our teachers here will guide you to perfection.” “Wow, that sounds..intense!” Cornelia murmured. “It’s actually not that bad. All you need is confidence.” someone behind her whispered. Cornelia swivelled her head to the back and saw a girl with silky short hair in the colour of bronze. “You think so?” Cornelia asked softly. “It does sounds hard, but as long as you have faith in yourself, you can do anything.” the girl replied, “I’m Charmaine Dewmist, by the way.” She then put out her hand and Cornelia shyly shook it. “I’m Cornelia. Cornelia Miraeth.” she smiled.

Finally, Cornelia had made a new friend. She and Charmaine walked to their apartment together. Charmaine knew that she is timid in speaking straight away, yet she liked her kindness. “I have never felt so far away from my home, Oceannax. I’ll do anything to fit in around this place.” Charmaine said, gazing at the surroundings. Girls were giggling here and there, walking in groups. “I feel the same way, Charmaine.” Cornelia agreed. “Let’s just say we stick together, okay?” Charmaine smiled, holding Cornelia’s right hand for comfort. The black-haired girl nodded in reply.

The fairies residence was made up of buildings of 10 storeys high, and the suites at each level were painted with whitewash walls. When the two freshmen entered in their suites, two other girls were chatting in a wide-spaced living room. One of them was a blonde wearing a white dress, and the other one had a couple of brunette pigtails that bounced lightly on her graphic tee and jeans. “Oh, good! More roomies!” the blonde girl beamed, “Hi there! My name’s Penelope Falne. And this is Estella Sonate.” Charmaine went all easy going, shaking hands with them. Cornelia slowly backed away. “Hey, we won’t eat you! Come on and join the party!” the brunette encouraged. “You must be one of those shy ones.” Penelope understood, “There’s no need to be afraid, Cornelia.” Feeling a little better, the timid girl took a step forward and shook hands with Penelope and Estella. “I like your shirt.” Estella smiled honestly. “Thanks.” Cornelia replied.

The suite was big enough for six persons. It contained three bedrooms, a living room that is wide enough for a dining area to squeeze in, a small laundry room, and a sliding door that led to the balcony. There were, however, lack of complete furnitures and other things that made the suite a home. “Hey, we still need to wait for two more suite mates, right?” Charmaine asked, scanning around the bedrooms. “Actually, there is one left. I only saw five names arranged for this suite on this list. Queen Cressida said that the sixth student will be on hold first. If I’m not mistaken, the girl who will be with us is Sabrina Ferane..from some sort of kingdom called Sedalayde.” Estella replied, reading a paper she was holding. “I’ve heard about Sedalayde. It’s the land of wealth and fortunes.” Charmaine chipped in. “That sound like a bad place to live in.” Cornelia commented. “Well, there are rumours about the Sedalayde people being mean to beggars. They kick those who are bankrupt out of their land and banish them to somewhere much unpleasant. They only care about money and greed and respect of themselves instead of other people.”

Suddenly, the rosewood front door slammed open harshly. The four girls stared. A dark tanned girl with a pair of adorable-looking layered ponytails stood before their eyes. The olive-skinned girl wore a sequinned tank top that matched her denim mini skirt, followed by her dear-looking high heels. Talk about inappropriate clothing. They were surprised by her mature, seductive look. “Is this Room 53? I’ve been looking all over for it.” the girl asked, flipping her violet hair in vain.”Yes, this is Room 53.” Penelope answered, “You must be Sabrina Ferane.” “Why, of course! Who doesn’t know the most beautiful princess in Sedalayde Paradise?” Sabrina bragged.

She strutted on the carpet floor while batting her mascaraed eyelashes like as if she was flirting a guy. Her plump lip gloss on her lips glittered under the florescent light. “This place is dull. It’s like living in a cardboard box.” Sabrina criticized. “That’s because we haven’t got the rest of the things.” Estella reasoned. “I’m not talking to you, honey.”Sabrina frowned, “Besides, you need a fashion counsellor. That piano shirt is hideous!” “You can’t talk like that! It is rude!” Cornelia suddenly scolded. Sabrina’s green eyes sting right at her. Cornelia gulped. “I’ve never seen a princess who is all proud of herself and look down on other people.” Penelope said. “Well you don’t look like a princess, so why you say so?” Sabrina hissed. “Excuse me, but I happen to be the princess of Tyrasius Glade!” Penelope started to raise her voice in rage. “Oh! Then I don’t care. You all are just a bunch of losers.” the olive girl yapped, “Anyway, I have to unpack my stuff and choose my own room.” “You can’t just pick a room for yourself! We have one more suite mate to wait for.” Charmaine pointed out. “Well is she here now?” the vain teenager asked with one eyebrow raised. The short-haired girl slowly shook her head. “Then it is settled. The third bedroom.,” Sabrina announced, “is all mine.”

Cornelia watched with shock as three floating suitcases tailed behind “Her Royal Highness” right to the bedroom. She had never seen such a spoiled brat. After the bedroom door was closed with a slammed shut, the four friends had foam in their mouths.”Looks like we’ve found her true colours.” Penelope frowned. “Well, what can I say? She’s from Sedalayde, and she’s taught to behave like a spoiled brat.” Charmaine said. “Ah well! Who cares about Sabrina? Let’s choose our rooms, shall we?” Estella cheered them up with a sunny smile, “I choose to sleep with Penelope in the second bedroom.” “I was going to suggest the same thing.” Penelope agreed. “Then I believe I’m with you.” Charmaine turned to Cornelia. She returned a smile, then slipped the straps of her backpack onto her shoulders.

They still had half an hour left till the first period begin. Cornelia placed her luggage near a huge crimson wood closet and plopped her body onto a bed spread by a plain white sheet. “Hmm..are you thinking what I’m thinking, Cornelia?” Charmaine asked. She pushed her blue-rimmed spectacles up to the bridge of her nose before looking around the dull white bedroom. “A makeover?” Cornelia guessed softly. “Exactly! Let’s go to the depot to shop for new stuff to decorate our room!” the short-haired girl planned. The room was only equipped with two plain beds, two closets, a wool rug across the carpet floor, and a ceiling lamp that hung slightly crooked above. Charmaine was right. How can a Paigenium student supposed to live in such a simple, lame room? The door suddenly swung open and the Sedalayde princess popped her head in. She had the grin of a Chesire cat plastered on her tanned countenance. “Did you just say shopping?” Sabrina asked eagerly. “You’re eavesdropping?” Cornelia exclaimed. “I was about to leave the suite when I overheard you two talking about shopping. Can I come too?” Sabrina pleaded. “Well, I don’t know.” Cornelia mumbled. “We want to shop for new things too.” Estella approached in with Penelope followed her behind. “Looks like the whole suite needs a makeover.” Charmaine remarked, feeling astonished. “So what do you say? It’s fun to have a group going shopping.” Cornelia asked her room mate. “Oh! All right!” Charmaine finally gave in, “We’ll do the shopping after the orientation.”

At 9:55am, the five girls hurriedly quickened their pace to an Enchantology laboratory which was at the second floor of the first building. Speaking of the first building, it also included the assembly hall, the teachers’ and headmistress’ offices, an air-conditioned cafeteria, 10 homerooms, and 20 classrooms. The second building and the third building of the academy consisted of a numerous number of classrooms. And finally the fourth building had a wide gym, three steam baths and sauna, a grand ballroom, sport courts, the library, and more rooms to be built soon.

A beautiful, slim lady in her thirties entered in the Enchantology laboratory with a red, twisty, side ponytail bounced on her left shoulder. Her black heel boots clinked on the floor. Once she settled at the front desk, the students obediently sat at the long tables.”Good morning, everyone! I hope you’re in the right class.”the teacher introduced, “Welcome to the Enchantology laboratory, where all spells and potions are made.” The class watched as the lady wrote her name on a wide glass screen with golden dust zapped from her fingers. Cornelia gasped in awe. “You can call me Mrs. Venile.” the teacher said after finishing writing the magic board. “Did you see that? She write on that glass panel with fairy dust!” one of the students at the front row exclaimed. “That’s amazing!” another commented. “It’s magic, my dears.” Mrs. Venile chuckled, “As you know, Enchantology is the key to everything about fairy magic, that is why it is a compulsory course for all fairy schools, colleges, and universities. Oh! I almost forgot! Here are your Enchantology textbooks. Be sure there is the words “Junior One” written on the cover.” In the blink of an eye, thick textbooks with hard golden covers appeared in a poof right before each student. Each student were given a small staff with a gemstone on top. Her full name was printed in quill calligraphy around the staff. In order to ensure security, a secret code was hidden in each wand. The textbook could be opened when the gemstone  was close to a unique lock on the cover, and only the secret code which was the password was the only access to the textbook. “There are a few rules you should be aware of while using these textbooks.” Mrs.Venile said, “One, don’t ever lose the textbooks or the wands. Otherwise you’ll be responsible for buying another textbook and pay the wand penalty fee. Two, take good care of the wand. The gemstone is very fragile, so you have to avoid from breaking it into pieces. Three, don’t harm the spells in the book. Treat your textbook like a friend. If you chant inappropriate words or getting on the book’s nerves, it will lose its temper and do something horrible to you. You never know.”

Cornelia hastily jot down the rules in her notebook. Mrs. Venile then walked to her desk and raised her wand. “Now let me show you how to open your Enchantology textbook. Just wave your wand over the lock in a circular pattern and the book will open automatically.” she demonstrated, revealing an opened textbook in front of the class. Cornelia’s heart pumped with excitement as she hold the ruby above the beautifully-carved golden lock. She then waved it round, allowing the crimson stone glowed in brilliant rays of light. It forces the lock to break free from its tight clasp. The girl ran her fingers nervously on the front cover and flipped over. A list of contents set in front of her eyes.

Chapters                                                    Contents                                       Page

1                                              Introduction to Enchantology                            

                                                    Magic                                                             1-2

                                                    Fairy Dust and Wands                                     3

                                                    What You Will Learn                                      4-5

2                                              Inner Energy

                                                     Warm up                                                        6

                                                      Ingredients of power                                      7-8

                                                      Extend your strength                                      9-10

3                                              Basic Flying Skills                                                

                                                       Do You Have Wings?                                   11-12

                                                       Flutter and Balance                                        13

                                                       Directions                                                      14-16

                                                       Alertness                                                       17-18

                                                       Speed                                                            19-20

4                                              Basic Incantations                

                                                        Shape shifting                                                  21-26

                                                         Heart-to-heart communication                        27-32

                                                         Invisibility                                                       33-37

                                                         Silhouettes and Illusions                                  38-46

                                                         Portals                                                            47-52

                                                         Navigation                                                       53-59

                                                         Metamorphosis/ Transformation                       60-78

                                                         Mimicry                                                           79-84

5                                              Nature of Fairy Magic                                    

                                                          Who Starts All This?                                       85-87

                                                           Fairy Dust: Secrets                                         88-90

                                                           Customize and Upgrade!                                91-93

6                                              Charms and Amulets                                              

                                                            Secrets of Charms                                          94-98

                                                            Functions of a Wish                                        99-101

                                                            Secrets of Amulets                                          102-104

                                                             Proper Use of an Amulet                                105

                                                             Amulet Miracles                                             106-110

7                                               Emergency Magic and Survival      

                                                              Recovery Spells                                             111-120

                                                              Routes to Escape                                           121-130

8                                               Battlefield Theory                                                      

                                                               Lambent                                                        131-133

                                                               Counter Spells and Shields                             134-140

                                                               Major Attacks                                                141-146

                                                               Final Attacks  and Secrets Tactics                   147-150  

9                                               Locks and Keys

                                                               Gates in the Dimensions                                  151-154

                                                               Types of Locks                                               155-156

                                                               Enchanted Keys                                              157-160

10                                              Mazes                                                                        

                                                               Mazes in the Dimensions                                  161-163

                                                               Tips to Escape                                                 164-167

                                                               Emergency in Mazes                                        168-172

11                                              Potions and Remedies

                                                               Basic Ingredients                                               173-176

                                                               Recovery Potions                                              177-180

                                                               Ambush Potions                                                181-184

                                                               Handy Potions                                                  185-188

                                                               Unique Remedies                                              189-190

                                                  Exercises and Assignments (to be discussed)                   191-300                                        

“The chapters look really interesting!” Cornelia exclaimed. “I know, right?” Charmaine who sat next to her, agreed, “I wonder what we will look like if we’re well-prepared, true fairies.”

                    “Maybe we’ll be like Queen Cressida.” Cornelia’s face lit up.

                    “I don’t think so. The headmistress is at the highest and final fairy stage. There’s no way we can

                     bet her.”Charmaine argued.

                    “There’s always a possibility for us to achieve every fairy level until the advanced stage!”

                    “You sound enthusiastic. I like it.”

Then, the students got to meet their Morpholisus teacher, Professor Vleddmir. Morpholisus was a subject of a combination of history and social science, kind of like social studies for humans. It was based on fairy tradition and culture. This subject was compulsory for all learning fairies until the end of their times at the academy. One thing that surprised Cornelia was that the professor was a short, skinny leprechaun who wore a bright red coat that covered his white dress shirt, a pair of black leggings, and a pair of pointy boots. A leprechaun that no other human had ever seen before. He was carrying a suitcase which was slightly similar to Mary Poppins’.

“Hello, everyone!” the sophisticated leprechaun began. He set his suitcase on the front desk. “I hope you all are in the right class. Morpholisus Junior One A. I’m Professor Vleddmir and I’ll be teaching you the wonderful stories of the past. Fairies, elves, wizards…you name it.” A girl who sat at the front row raised her hand. “Yes?” the professor asked. “Are you a leprechaun? Cause you’re not wearing a green suit. And leprechauns don’t carry suitcases.” the girl said. “For your information, I was a graduate at SilverStone University, the top institution for all fantasy creatures in the world. This is my self. What I usually present myself. Yes, you rarely see a leprechaun wearing black leggings and boots, but this is what makes me different.” Vleddmir replied. “He’s wearing black because he hates rainbows. He’s probably tired of chasing after a pot of gold.” another girl snickered. It was followed by the whole class laughing. The leprechaun gave the girls a stern look. “Not all leprechauns do chase rainbows all the time. An educated fellow like me knows what lies beyond the horizon.” he uttered calmly. “What does that mean?” Charmaine asked as she raised her hand politely. A smile was on his face, as he explained, “There is a whole world out there to explore. Without education, you’ll never know what is out there and you’ll never get to discover the deepest secrets of ..perhaps an object, or a country.If you plan to become a teacher in the future, you’ll have to search for the depths of knowledge and share what you know to your future students.” Charmaine stared in fascination. Cornelia yawned, finding that the speech was too wordy.

When Professor Vleddmir introduced the class their Morpholisus textbooks, Cornelia felt like as if her whole brain was splitting open when she looked at the contents.

Chapters                                       Topics                                              Pages

1                                              The Birth of Fantasy

                                                        Cressida of Avethelem                      1-5

                                                        Birth of all Creatures                         6-10

                                                        The Rulers                                        11-15

2                                               How It All Advanced

                                                          Agriculture                                       16-25

                                                          Industrialization                                 26-31

                                                          Magic                                               32-43

                                                          Monarchy                                         44-48

3                                                First Dimension War                                

                                                           Racism                                             49-53

                                                           Feud Between Elves & Fairies          54-58

                                                           Weapons,Spells,& Ambushes           59-64

                                                            Female Revolution in War                65-70

                                                            In and Out of the Trenches               71-78

                                                             Cressida To The Rescue                  79-81                    

4                                                  Seeking For Mercy and Peace

                                                               Capitalism of the Bandits                 82-85

                                                               Communists Outbursts                    86-90

                                                               Shortages of Needs                        91-96                                                          

5                                                    Second Dimension War


Basically the history course was all about wars and how magic united. Professor Vleddmir began the lesson with a long background of how a magic kingdom was first created.

“The dimensions were all empty and black. You won’t be able to find a single tree or water, just darkness everywhere. And then, out of nowhere, a silver star with the brightest glow, brighter than the Sun, sank down  to the dusty ground. The star formed itself into a woman with fiery red hair, eyes that twinkled like the stars on planet Earth, and a gown with extremely long flowing skirts that rustled the sweetest melody of wind chimes.”

Charmaine was fascinated by the story that she listened very attentively. Cornelia, meanwhile, felt her eyelids drooping and shortly fell asleep with her hands covered over her head.

“The woman had no name, for she was born from a star and had no clue. However, she had a purpose. She was given a goal from the gods above, that was to create a kingdom to raise magic. She had the powers of the glowing stars, so she created the firm solid land and the blue sky above with two shooting stars. She saw the deserted land and felt the dust on the ground. With one big wave of her right arm that allowed the silk sleeve of her gown to glide in the air, the dust floated up and formed into…a tree! And it’s not just any typical tree. It’s a gemstone tree, with rubies on the edges of each branch. She then created more trees with the dust, and accompany them with flowers and other sorts of plants with gemstones and berries sticking out on each tip of the branches.She then used her star magic to create animals and water. Her kingdom wouldn’t be complete without people and buildings, so she chose a wide area and….”

The professor was disturbed by Cornelia’s sudden loud snoring at the fifth row of the classroom.He marched to her desk and tapped the pointer he was holding on the table.

“Huh? Wh…What happened?” Cornelia mumbled as she lifted her head up. “Miss Mirathe, your slumber is interrupting my class. Aren’t you aware of the rich history of magic?” Vleddmir asked in a serious tone.


                      “Miss Mirathe, if I were you, I would pay attention to the lecture in order to take notes and get to know about magic.”

                      “I’m sorry, sir.”

                      “Well, I’m giving you a second chance. If I find you sleeping in my class one more time, I’ll deduct your grades.”

                       “Y..yes sir.”

“Geez, Cornelia. You’ve got to be focused. You never knew that Professor Vleddmir can be strict when it comes to lectures.” Charmaine whispered as she nudged Cornelia in the elbow.

“I know,” Cornelia groaned, “it’s just that I hate history! It’s like one of the worst school subjects ever!”

               “Well..then try to pretend that history is like…umm..storytelling.”

               “Ugh…how can history be like storytelling? I prefer fantasy stories, not reality stories.”

               “Do what I do, take History as a storybook. You’ll find the novel-like events fascinating.”

               “That’s what you do, not me.” Cornelia snorted and slumped in her seat. She couldn’t had her brain turned on. She went on daydreaming about her father and Rufus whom she missed so much.

“Now where was I? Oh yes! The woman chose a wise area and formed into…” the professor reached out for his suitcase and fished out a handful of golden dust. He then tossed it forward and summoned a map. The whole class gazed in awe, including Cornelia whose eyes caught on the map. The map was spreading itself wide over the students invisibly, but images of buildings and roads were revealed clearly. The professor stepped on the illusioned green hills. The emerald hues shadowed through his pointy boots. “Yup, you guess it! A village! This village is built a thousand years ago. But before this, the lady combined a shooting star with a handful of dust from earth to create…” He then cast a couple of dust rays that formed into a group of sparrow men (male fairies), a group of forest elves, a group of wizards and magicians and warlocks, as well as various mystical creatures of mermaids, centaurs, fauns, dragons, unicorns…all that you could find in fantasy novels.

“Fairies?” Charmaine exclaimed.

“Not just fairies, Miss Dewmist.” Professor Vleddmir replied, “Every magical creatures you can imagine were created by her. She ordered a group of each creature and people to build this city. Everyone respected her for she gave every one of them water, food, clothing, houses, jobs, and education. And that’s how she became the first ruler of the kingdom, namely..Queen Cressida.”

Everyone gasped in surprise. “You mean, the headmistress of…this academy, is the queen?” one of the students asked.

” She was the queen before she gave her place to a couple of lovely parents.”

“What is the name of the kingdom, sir?”


Before he could reply, the school bell rang. It wasn’t an ordinary school bell. The classroom was filled with the sound of chimes that was loud and soothing at the same time. “I’ll give you the answer in the next class. See you all tomorrow.” he said and leaped off from the desk. Cornelia automatically got up from her seat. Her right foot moved forward. She was about to ask the professor whether he knew about Dynado. However, she was disturbed by a sudden tingling in her skin. Fear crawled in her veins. She was afraid of asking the teacher, so she decided to give up on it and left the classroom.

“What’s with that face?” Charmaine asked.

“Huh? What face?” Cornelia blurted.

“You look disappointed. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“Oh! Nothing..really.”

“Are you sure?”

Cornelia held her breath. “I want to find out what happened next.”

“On what?”

“The name of the kingdom, and who are the parents he just mentioned.”

“I never know that you take my advice quickly!”

“I just have a strong feeling that the story he talked is related to my birth parents.”

“Your birth parents? What about that?”

“It’s a long story.” Cornelia was interrupted by a second warning of the chimes. “I’ll tell you everything later. Right now, we have a few minutes left till Element Control Assessment!”

“Elements are precious composition of matter that can be useful in overcoming obstacles.” Madame Azure, their teacher, spoke with her head high. Cornelia and Charmaine looked at each other in excitement. “This course is related to Enchantology, but this is a little more advanced than that. In E.C.A., we focus more on element incantations and secretive theories in overcoming disabilities of various dangerous kinds of elements in the magic dimension.”

Charmaine bravely raised her right hand up. “Madame Azure, may I ask what element power you possess?”

“That’s a good question, Miss Dewmist.” the lady smiled, “I don’t just own one element power. As a full-fledged fairy, I have the power of all elements in the world.”

“All? As in…fire, water, ice, air..”

“When I encounter a new element, I collect its essence and turn it into my own power.”

“That’s amazing!”

“Each of us here has a specific element, and I can teach you various spells based on your respective elements.”

“And I am so looking forward to that!” Cornelia smiled. Her eyes sparkled.

Cornelia’s enthusiasm in magic faded away when she found herself in a Fairy Algebra classroom. A scrawny lady with golden hair that was tied up into a tight bun stride into the room. She wore a strict frown like navy officers, and it scared her. First impression about her? She had this icy glare whenever she sees students who slept or talked or even ate!

“Mrs. Ripevine doesn’t like lazy students.” she announced, “She only wants every one of you in this class to improve every chapter and pass every tests. If you DON’T pass a test, you’ll receive a penalty. And that will be either deducting your final grades…or a deadly punishment which she gets to choose.”

Cornelia gulped.

“Fairy Algebra includes discipline and dignity. You need lots of practice to master the skills, or else you’ll find yourself in the drain of shame. I trust in you that you will satisfy me.” the teacher continued, “Am I clear?”

“Yes, Mrs. Ripevine!” everyone replied in unison.

“Good. Then let’s get started, shall we?”

Cornelia was uncertain on which subject was worse. Morpholisus or Fairy Algebra?

“Let the nature flow in you!” a male voice cut her thoughts like a pair of scissors through a ceremonial ribbon. Cornelia looked up curiously as a buff-looking fallen angel approached through the door of her next classroom. He had a broad, square-shaped jaw that fitted perfectly on his tanned face. His sea blue eyes glistened that quickly hypnotized the girls in the room. His gleaming pearly-white teeth matched the glossy cream wings on his back.

 “Is it just me or he looks hot from here?” Charmaine gushed.

“Wait..what?” Cornelia exclaimed as she swiveled her head to her neighbour.

“I’m serious! I think he’s the cutest teacher I’ve ever seen.”

“Cutest? Oh no…” Cornelia paused and looked around. Every girl had their heads rested on one hand and stared at the teacher like they were in infatuation.

“Are you under a love spell or something?” Cornelia gasped. She grabbed hold on Charmaine’s shoulders to shake her off. However, her violet eyes stayed blurred with hypnotism.

“I’m Easton Judas, your Fairy Geography teacher.” he introduced with a bow, “I would like to start with a question. Can anyone of you guess what Geography is all about?”

A storm of hands shot up in the air like rockets. The whole class squirmed to give an answer, except Cornelia who stared at her desk.

“Eenie..meenie..miinie…mo!” the teacher smiled. His forefinger pointed at her, “You there, the girl  in a red shirt.”

She slowly looked up. “M…me?”

“Yeap, my finger chooses you. So, can you give me an answer? What is the meaning of Geography?”

She wanted to shook her head, but her head felt like a stone glued in wax.


“Close enough,” he accepted, “It’s the study of areas and locations and sometimes culture. But as for Fairy Geography, you will learn the world of nature and the magical dimensions in the universe, something that you have never seen or heard before.”

“I’m so looking forward to it, Mr. Easton!” a girl who sat at a desk in front of Cornelia grinned dreamily.

“Ah! I’m glad to hear such enthusiasm!” he smiled back.

Feminine sighs filled the room. Cornelia wished she had a barf bag so that she could just puke.

Chapter 6: Attack of the Ryethest Dryads

“Oh! What a long day!” Estella sighed, “Luckily we can relax tonight!” “Totally! What’s not a perfect night when you get to shop for new furniture and accessories for your dorms!” Sabrina nodded in agreement, “Oh! Crystal chandelier! That would be perfect for my room!” The group watched as the Sedalayde princess made her way to the a shelf of large chandelier boxes. “Holy moly! That’s the same cost as two automobiles!” Penelope exclaimed when she spotted the price tag. “Oh, you don’t know me, girl! Expensive is my middle name!” Sabrina grinned. “Well..what can I say? She’s from the kingdom of riches after all.” Charmaine sighed. “My daddy always says that expensive things are valuable and well-fit for a Sedalaydian.” Sabrina stated, signalling a department store worker to carry a box off  the shelf. “You are such a spoiled person!” Penelope commented with a straight face. “Whatever.” Sabrina sniffed and sashayed away. Her ponytails hit against Penelope’s face like a broom. “Why you little…” she started, but was caught on hold by Estella. “Let her go, Penelope. She’s born that way, you can tell.” she said. “It’s just that she’s getting on my nerves!” Penelope hissed. “Ahem, I can hear you Blondie!” Sabrina raised her voice from her back.

Half an hour had passed, and everyone had their shopping done. Sabrina had a large pile of furniture in boxes beside her. “How on earth are you going to carry all these?” she exclaimed. “Have you forgotten that magic is always the answer to every problem, missy? Watch me!” the proud girl replied. She then twirled one finger above the boxes and suddenly gusts of air whooshed around the,. The boxes disappeared a few second later. “By the way, I didn’t know you’re under the curse of the Greek God of wind.” Penelope complimented.”Greek God? Good heavens, where in the world did you learn such nonsensical mythology! I’m an air fairy, of course!”

                      “Huh, I see.”

                      “And what is your power? Turning yourself into a hobo?”

                     “I am the fairy of ice and snow, as a matter of fact!”

“Stop it, you two!” Estella interrupted, “We’ll have a small party tonight to get along with each other, so please don’t kid around!”

“There will be a party if Miss Goldilocks loser is uninvited.” Sabrina continued.

“Oh! What if Princess Stuck-Her-Nose-High-In-The-Air is not invited instead?”

“Shut your mouth, Princess Bitchy!”

‘”You’re the one who should shut up, possessive witch!”

“Knock it off, you two!” Cornelia ordered as she approached between them.

“She started this, not me!” Sabrina whined, pointing one finger at Penelope.

“Oh! Look who’s talking! Miss-Liar-Pants-On-Fire!”

“You want a piece of me?”

Suddenly, a flowing patch of fluid appeared on Sabrina’s and Penelope’s mouths. They can’t pull them out.

“These fluid patches will keep you two quiet.” Charmaine laughed.

“Wow, thanks Charmaine! How did you do that?” Cornelia exclaimed, breathing in relief.

“I’m from Oceannax, the grotto planet of water.” Charmaine winked, “so yeah, my element is water.”

“Cool!” Cornelia smiled.

“Oh! That reminds me, what is your power?” Charmaine asked Cornelia, trying not to chuckle too much at the two quick enemies who struggled hard to peel the water patches off their lips.

“Um…” she stammered, “it’s kind of a long story. I’m given the power of a legendary dragon flame.”

“That’s extraordinary!” Charmaine grinned. She then turned to Estella, “And I bet you must be a fairy of music.”

“Music waves, actually.” Estella corrected, “My power is more on releasing sound waves of all kinds of music, but I have several tune attacks too.”

Charmaine took a couple of steps when she suddenly felt a tug on the right sleeve of her turquoise shirt. Penelope pointed at the fluid rectangle on her mouth. “Promise me you two won’t argue again?” she asked. Penelope nodded solemnly; Sabrina rolled her eyes but eyeing at Charmaine in agreement. She finally snapped her fingers and the spell was erased in a flash.

Two hours passed. The five girls carried a bunch of shopping bags except Sabrina who simply used her air magic to teleport her things. They arrived at the iron gates of Paigenium while suddenly they spotted a spear shot out that crashed though a window. “Is the school robbed?” Cornelia gasped. “Or under attack! Look!” Estella cried as she pointed up. Sure enough, the five girls saw a student chased by three purple-skin ladies. They successfully caught her; the girl with the blonde bob haircut tried to wiggle her hands off but the dryads’ grip was too strong. Cornelia and her new friends hurriedly carried their feet off. Through the entrance of the first building, down the assembly hall, up a couple of stairs and, lastly to the homeroom. “What are they?” Cornelia asked. “Dryads! They must be from Ryethest forest!” Charmaine replied. “I thought dryads are good creatures. Why are they attacking the academy?” Estella exclaimed. “I don’t know, but this is no good.” Charmaine said. She suddenly stepped forward and closed her eyes. Swirls of blue dust surrounded her from nowhere. She was transformed into a girl with fairy wings. She wore a silk strapless top and a short blue skirt with a peach-colored rose pin on the top left. A pair of violet gloves were around her hands up to her arms. She had a pair of sparkly Sapphire platform boots in her feet and a silver collar necklace with a waterdrop pendant dangling in the middle was clasped round her neck. a simple azure-colored headband was added to match her hair. And lastly, a pair of big, curvy, misty blue wings spread on her back.

Cornelia was flabbergasted as she stared at what her friend had became. When she turned her back, the other three were transformed into fairies as well. Sabrina was changed into a purple bikini top with a matching pink skirt. A pair of amethyst medium-length boots were worn; two silver wristbands were added around her wrists, plus a pair of glittery pink wings were on her back followed by a purple cloak that flowed down to her skirt. As for Penelope, she wore a fancy, bare-shoulder dress in the color of lemon with a bright rose satin belt and bow. She had cute ankle boots with a star pattern each, and a pink collar necklace with a star pendant was around her neck. Her glossy blonde hair was tied into a couple of long plaits that reached to her waist. And at last,  a pair of topaz wings glittered behind her. Estella had switched from her casual outfit into a long-sleeved orange dress with a special hem around the skirt. A pair of brown boots wit a bass clef print were in her feet. Her pigtails were lowered down to her thighs, tied loose with big ribbons. She had a unique purple and pink necklace round her neck that matched her straight-folded amber wings.

“How in the world did they do that:?” Cornelia exclaimed in her head. “Let her go!” Penelope stood bravely and raised her voice. “Haven’t you realize what you have done to our forest?” one of the dryads asked. The spear she was holding pointed cautiously at the fairies. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Charmaine replied. “Liar!”the dryad snapped and aimed her spear all warrior-like. “Snowflake plate!” the ice and snow fairy shouted while putting out her hands. A flat shield appeared in seconds. The zooming spear hit on its surface and dropped down.

“Step back! This attack might be a bit harmful!” Estella warned, “Shakira’s Beat!”

She gestured her fingers up in the air, summoning loud sounds with strong vibrating energy. They quickly covered their ears with their hands. The vibration caused their enemies’ ears to bleed that forced them to release the grip of the helpless victim. Cornelia then knew what to do. She carried her feet off and pulled the girl to a safe corner. “A princess like me can destroy these dryads. Cyclone Thrash!” Sabrina stood forward and sent violent gusts of win roared around the dryads that send them off the ground. “Ocean Tail!” Charmaine screamed, gesturing her right hand as an appearing large tide of water gushed right at her target. The three dryads collapsed on the slippery cold marble. Their silky long hair were dripping wet with salty fluid after they got splashed by Charmaine’s incantation. “You fairies are going down!” one of them growled and raised one palm in front of her. A jet of green mist swirled out and faded on the floor. To the girls’ horror, a tight bunch of crawling vines appeared like snakes that tied around their legs and arms. The four transformed friends couldn’t move a single limb at all, because surprisingly the vines were incredibly thick and invulnerable.

Cornelia’s eyeballs sprung out of their sockets as she watched at the scene in shock. She could feel her conscience screaming in her head “Come on! You can’t just stand there! Do something!”. She wished she could lend a hand, but she hadn’t known her powers entirely. She could only head her new new allies screeched in pain as the vines continuously squeezed their limbs. Covering both hands on her face, she wished she was back home and forget about the danger. “Cornelia! There’s no need to be afraid!” a soothing voice floated to her ears. The black-haired girl slowly let go off her hand and was relieved to see Sapphrine. “You can transform into a fairy just like them.” she said with her light brown eyes filled with hope. “How?” her little sister asked. “Clear your mind and focus on your dragon flame inside you. You will feel a sense of burning strength. And your heart has to be unveiled so that you will have faith in yourself.” Sapphrine replied. The girl closed her eyes and erased the waves of fear and anxiety that clouded in her mind. There was a slight drop of heat inside her and she could feel it. She focused harder with full concentration until she finally touched the raging flame with her inner senses. The flame was glowing in shades of glittering pure gold. And Sapphrine was right, there was a strong wave of new feeling inside her. Strength that flickered in great heat and faith showered in wondrous light. Shortly, Cornelia was surrounded by swirls of red dust. A proud smile crawled on Sapphrine’s heart-shaped countenance. The girl held her breath, allowing the magic carry her off.

She was finally transformed into a fairy as Sapphrine promised. She wore a fancy red top and a long silk skirt with the matching colour. She had a pair of crimson boots with a couple of heart chains dangling from the top. Her hair was trimmed into light curls down to her waist. A small tiara with two rose patterns and a heart stone on it was added on her head. And lastly, a pair of huge transparent wings spread on her back. Cornelia was surprised too when she had a pair of short sequined pink gloves in her hands. It was the first time she wore such fancy clothing. And what caught her breath the most was the real wings sticking behind her.

Cornelia’s awestruck face was erased when she heard scream once more. A blaze of wholly new energy gathered in her soul. “Wait! What should I do now?” Cornelia asked. “Create your attacks and picture your spells in your mind. The spells have to be useful.” Sapphrine explained.The dragon flame within her seemed to radiate in great heat that suddenly gave her an idea. “Claws of the dragon!” Cornelia shouted. She found herself putting out both hands to allow lines of shooting sharp claws dragged down to the vines. Thankfully, the needle-shaped claws cut through them. “That’s impossible!” one the surprised dryads exclaimed. “Conflagration spiral!” Cornelia cried, aiming crimson dust that formed into a huge spiral ribbon of fire. “Let’s get out of here!” another one panicked. The fire crashed onto them, but they vanished in a flash. Lumps of smoke spread all over.

Sapphrine gave a small, silvery laugh and threw her arms round her little sister. “I know you can transform and use your powers! That is an impressive start!” she grinned. “Oh! You think so?” Cornelia blushed. “Thanks for saving us, Cornelia! And by the way, love your outfit!” Estella smiled. Cornelia turned around and saw her friends were freed from the vines. Estella ran to give her new friend a brief hug. “And one swell attack you put out there!” Penelope winked, giving a thumbs-up. “Thanks, girls! But too bad the dryads escaped.” Cornelia frowned. “We’ll get them someday, I’m sure of it!” Charmaine smiled.

Cornelia soon realized that she was turned back into her human form. The victim walked towards her with a grateful look on her face. “I don’t know how to thank you! I mean, all of you!” she said, “If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be rescued from those attackers. By the name, I’m Emile. Emile Syle.” “I think I recognize you from Enchantology class.” Cornelia pointed out. “Yeah, I think I saw you all there too.” Emile giggled.

Charmaine suddenly went all serious, “Girls, the creatures that we just fought are nature dryads. Mose of them aThe Magic Mimosa Plantre born in the forest behind the academy called Nyeadra. Their earth powers are extremely strong. No wonder we can’t escape from the vines.” “Does that mean they are seeking for revenge?” Penelope questioned. “I’m not sure. I’ve read the newspaper a few weeks ago and all I know that half of the trees in the forest is cut down to build the school. Maybe the dryads are taking back what they once had.” Charmaine replied.

Sabrina stretched her arms wide. “I have no idea what this is all about, but I’m feeling that we should have a party after all the fairy dust shooting.” she suggested. “Very well then.” Cornelia agreed. “I’ll see you tomorrow, little sister.” Sapphrine laughed. She gave a light kiss on Corneila’s forehead before fading away in swirls of golden dust. “Is that your sister? She’s beautiful!” Charmaine marveled. “How do you two meet?” “It’s..complicated.” she answered simply.

Chapter 7: Quest of the Mimosa

Cornelia leaped on her new red bed like a rocket that was about take off. Her head rested on her pillow that matched her red comforter She gazed at one of her Jonas Brothers’ posters that were glued onto the wall next to her bed. At a corner, her roommate Charmaine had her eyes glued on her laptop screen as she focused on her new level of Minecraft.

“Hey, girls! It’s party time!” Estella suddenly called from the door. Flo Rida’s “Low” blasted from the speakers in the living room. Penelope was grooving to the beat while Estella was scanning through her Winamp music player. When Cornelia and Charmaine got out from their room, Cornelia wasn’t sure whether she can be in a party mood. “Come on! Let’s dance!” Charmaine said.”I’ve never danced in my whole life!” Cornelia replied. “Dancing doesn’t require perfection. You just have to give your best shot and show us who you are.” Penelope came by and flashed a brief grin, “Just follow me lead!”

Penelope stood on the dance floor and showed off some moves. Charmaine joined in. Cornelia felt a huge lump forming automatically in her throat. She was too shy to do anything new, especially in front of people. Charmaine had a reassuring smile, beckoning her to give it a try. She slowly began to copy the feet movement. Ten minutes later, she got the hang of it. Estella then dropped Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music” and the five girls danced until midnight.

The next day, the five girls were ready for their first day of classes. Suddenly, as they were about to step into their first period, Queen Cressida’s voice roared across the corridor. She announced the students to gather at the assembly hall.

“This is out first extracurricular event. Enchantress Catherine Soveratte from Reubane Island has decided to present this object to us.” Queen Cressida said. All eyes were on her. The sparkling lemon-coloured dress she wore matched the walls of the hall. Her right palm rested on a side of a white pillar. It nearly reached to the fairy queen’s shoulder. A red cloth covered the special object on top of the pillar. Everyone held their breath as Queen Cressida pulled the cloth up gingerly. A two-leaf plant made out of tiny oval-shaped leaflets stood on the surface as if it was floating on a cloud. It was slightly bigger than a normal mimosa plant; its snow white leaflets was polished with silver sparkles. Echoes of oohs and ahhs could be heard throughout the room. “This mimosa chooses a girl to become the new enchantress of the fairy realms.” she explained, “Enchantress Catherine is looking for a strong, dedicated, young fairy here in this school to replace her as the new guardian fairy of earth, With Reubane Island as the core of this planet, the chosen fairy will have the power to control all magical elements that ever exist in the magic dimensions.”

“Enchatress Catherine is retiring?” Cornelia gasped to herself.

“Who is she anyway?” Penelope whispered.

“I heard that she assists Queen Cressida in battles and magic catastrophes. I’m not sure what she does specifically though.” Charmaine replied honestly.

“I need six fairies who would like to take part in this set of quests. This is a good opportunity to discover themselves as well as upgrading their powers. The mimosa will choose one among the group to have the right to take over all elements. Fire, water, earth, air, and many others. A combination of elements will make the fairy a more powerful one.” The queen’s gaze suddenly fell on Cornelia. “Cornelia Miraeth.” she said. Her voice was as clear as summer that summoned silence across the hall. An icy stone formed at the back of neck as Cornelia gulped in sudden shock. “Y…yes?” she croaked. “Enchantress Catherine told me that she happens to know you for years. She would like to give you this offer in joining the quests. She knows that you’re qualified.” the fairy queen replied.

Me? Qualified? Cornelia suddenly felt a little light-headed. She was unsure whether she should give it a try. She had countless dreams of letting people down. “I would like to join, Your Highness!” a voice  made her jump. Her head turned to Penelope as she raised her right  hand high and straight like a confident lion. “Me too!” Charmaine smiled, raising up her right hand. “Count me in!” Estella agreed. “Well, I guess an adventure is not too bad.” Sabrina said, “So I’ll join as long as Cornelia says yes.”

Cornelia was gobsmacked at her friends. She wished she could just shrink herself into a fly and escaped out of the hall. But it was no use. Everyone in the hall was staring at them like some sort of street performance.

“Well?” Queen Cressida fixed her eyes back on Cornelia. “Erm…” she could felt her heart thundering against her chest and it was about to explode out of her shaking body. She took one quick glance at her friends whose eyes were pleading hopefully. “I…guess I can give it a try.” Cornelia shrugged. “Wonderful!” Queen Cressida clapped. The rest of the students clapped in unison. “This is going to be exciting!” Estella squealed in delight. “All right then! Cornelia Miraeth, Charmaine Dewmist, Sabrina Ferane, Penelope Falne, and Estella Sonate! Meet me at the Sherlaine Garden after this assembly.” Queen Cressida smiled.


“Welcome to Sherlaine Garden!” she said, “This is a special habitat for the Destiny Tree.”

“Why is that?” Cornelia asked.

“Enchantress Catherine picks this spot to plant the tree. I guess it’s because the tree likes to be surrounded by these flowers.”

The garden was a large circle of flower bushes with vine-wrapped fences guarding behind them. The red roses, violet geraniums, golden sunflowers, orange honeysuckles, blue forget-me-not, and green tulips were blooming with beauty and breathing in the raw morning air.

“Um..one question!” Estella said, “What is the Destiny Tree? And what does it do?”

“The Destiny Tree is a one-of-a-kind tree that opens a portal to Reubane Island. Reubane Island is the place where the final judgement will be held. But before the mimosa plant chooses the person, the candidates have to travel to six worlds to collect keys,”

Keys? Cornelia searched for a keyhole around the tree trunk, but all she could see are six watermelon-size holes carved in the shape of snowflakes. Queen Cressida noticed her craning her neck and squinting her eyes hard. “The keys that you are to find are not actually keys. You see, each world that you will go to hides a fragile Destiny Snowflake. A Destiny Snowflake will come to you when it sees the heart of an ideal candidate to become the new enchantress.”

“So you’re saying that a Destiny Snowflake is watching on us to see who’s worthy to get it?” Charmaine tried to clarify.

“Exactly.” Queen Cressida replied, “The six Destiny Snowflakes are like lawyers. They are seeking for amateur fairies who have completed challenges planned  by them in each respective world, plus the hearts that matches with their preferences. Once a fairy receive a Destiny Snowflake, she will be granted with a very special reward. A new power that will improve her battle skills. Now that’s an incredible blessing!”

“Wow…that’s…a lot to absorb in!” Cornelia exclaimed.

“You’ll get used to it soon, dear.” the headmistress let out a small laugh.


Will a Destiny Snowflake ever choose me? I’m always in doubt whenever I’m involved in something.

Cornelia lifted her staff above the Enchantology textbook and allowed the ruby to let out lasers of red light. The lock was automatically released. “To start with Enchantology, you must be ready to gain the magical energy in you. Once you step into the world of magic, there is NO turning back! You have to be ready to face the consequences of evil. Now I’m not trying to scare you. I want to give you confidence and awareness to become a fairy.” Mrs. Venile said. “Now, the most important thing we need to have in order to do magic is inner energy. It is the power inside you. Your inner energy needs to be activated at least every day so that you may find casting spells easier.”

Estella hastily raised one hand and asked, “How can we activate our inner energy, ma’am?” “That’s a good question, Miss Sonate!” Mrs. Venile smiled, “Stand up, everyone! We’re going to warm up!”

All 30 students got up from their chairs and faced their teacher. “Now close your eyes and clear your mind. Your inner energy is made up of a magic aura that is hidden deep in your heart. If you can imagine your aura in a crystal clear picture, your aura will spread all over you and surround you like an invisible barrier.” Mrs. Venile resumed. She immediately clasps both of her hands tight and her entire body was glowing with blue and purple hues. Everyone stared at her in amazement.

It was indeed hard at the first attempt. Cornelia cleared her mind but she couldn’t picture a ray of light surrounding her body like some sort of spirit.She then squeezed her eyelids tighter but nothing happened. Mrs. Venile suddenly approached to her and gave her a hint, “You know, wishing for an aura is like praying. The spirit that is within you can be spread out if you focus on reaching out to God.” Cornelia then closed her eyes once more and wrapped her hands into a ball. She created a vision of herself shielded by a bright red illumination. Suddenly, she could feel a light warmth lifting from her chest. A bright fiery spark burst out from her red top as it exploded into a gorgeous crimson glow. Cornelia stared at herself in awe.

“Wow! That’s the strongest aura I’ve ever seen in my life!” Mrs. Venile praised, “Well done!”

“Your aura nearly blinds my eyes! That’s just incredible!” Charmaine agreed. Her dark blue aura was slightly shadowed by Cornelia’s great gleam.

Cornelia was surprised and gave a shy smile. Sabrina, who was standing on her left, glared with envy. She moved a few big steps away from Cornelia’s brilliant aura.

“It looks like everyone has activated their auras! That’s wonderful!” the teacher beamed, “Now, the next step is to test a little pinch of their power.”

Mrs. Venile demonstrated with an overlapping wave of floating periwinkles that scented the entire room like perfume. Cornelia concentrated hard, picturing a fireball in her head. She then felt heat producing on her palms like boiling water. Within one minute, she closed her palms and opened them wide to reveal a flickering ball of fire. “Impressive, Miss Miraeth!” Mrs. Venile clapped.

“Hey! Look what I can do!” a voice grabbed the class’ attention. Sabrina was standing behind the teacher’s desk with her head held high like a peacock. She played with a medium-size tornado on her right hand like she was spinning a basketball. Cornelia saw that it was like a competition. She erased her fireball in the blink of an eye and watched with the crowd.

Chapter 8: Aurelz 

“Moon Prism Power! Make…up!” the iconic voice of Sailor Moon echoed from Cornelia’s Macbook. Cornelia was sitting on an edge of her bed with a drawing pad on her lap; she was busy filling in a blank paper with her gel pens. “Oh! This is the best part!” Charmaine squealed as the computer screen showed Usagi Tsukino got her nails sparkled in pink before being sent to a starry sky background. The anime character was transformed into an alter ego known as “Sailor Guardian”. The girls gasped in awe as Sailor Moon’s transformation began with ribbons floating all over her chest to form into a white leotard with a blue sailor suit collar.

“Hey, you know what?” Penelope realized, “Sailor Moon is on a mission to find her allies and save the princess. I have no idea who is the princess but she’s willing to be involved in the mission.” “That’s right! She has the heart and will to help that talking cat Luna to save the world from disaster. We should learn from her that our mission is to complete challenges, collect the Destiny Snowflakes, and prove ourselves to the magic mimosa plant that we are able to become more powerful.” Estella agreed. “But only one of us will be chosen to become the more powerful one.” Charmaine said, “We’ll have to see who is the lucky one.”

“Yes! It’s done!” Cornelia smiled.

“What are you working on?” Estella asked, turning her head back.

“Oh! Just a little something for us!” Cornelia giggled. She flipped over her drawing pad to show her drawing in front of her friends.

“Wow! You did this?” Charmaine exclaimed, “That is one colourful logo!”

The logo was a huge “AURELZ” outlined with purple and blue. A pink ribbon looped near the name with a part of it intertwined with the letter “R”.

“Aurelz? That’s a cool name! But who the hell is Aurelz?” Estella asked.

“That’s us! We may come from different worlds, backgrounds, and upbringings, but we’re meant to be friends. We’re now in a clique to help one another, support one another, and stick together.” Cornelia replied.

“I’m totally in!” Charmaine agreed.

“Me too!” Estella smiled.

“Aurelz for life!” Penelope added.

The conversation was cut down by a ten seconds silence. Sabrina who was sitting behind Cornelia automatically got out of the bed and stormed off to the balcony. She slammed the sliding door shut like a thunder strike. Cornelia’s eyes were a little watery but she forced herself not to cry. She caught a glimpse of her elder sister who stood at the door of her bedroom. Her crimson gown camouflaged against the wall like a ghost. She gave a reassuring smile while emboldened Cornelia a bit.

Her small fingers touched the glass rectangles. As she drew it open, the Sedalayde princess was staring at the beautiful blanket of stars that illustrated the night heaven. Through her sixth sense, Cornelia could feel that Sabrina was still upset. It was like she was separated by a wall of hatred. “Am I the one who really piss you off or something?” Cornelia’s soft voice caught her a little off guard. “It’s..just that you’re good at everything.” Sabrina spilled, “You got praised by Mrs. Venile for performing such amazing inner energy. You got praised by the English teacher for showing off your poetry skills during the first period. You even manage to defeat those dryads.” “What’s your point then?” Cornelia asked, confused.

Sabrina’s ponytails bounced as she turned to Cornelia. Her eyes were angled downwards. “I thought I would be the spotlight.” “Sab, I would never want to be the center of attention!” Cornelia exclaimed. She leaned against the railing next to Sabrina. “I know someday you’re be the star. Besides, we are fairies and we are here to learn to become real fairies that would protect the entire universe.” Sabrina rested her hands on the railing, still looking at the sky. “You know, the reason why I come here in Paigenium is because I would like to learn how to boost up my powers, and to blend in with other people…including you.” Cornelia continued. Sabrina looked at Cornelia with a surprised look, “You took the words right out of my mouth!” “I don’t get it why you have to be so mean to me.” “The truth is, I’m not good at making friends.” Sabrina replied, “I don’t much friends back in my kingdom. You can’t imagine how lonely I was, all locked up in the castle and stuck in lectures and new treasures. My mother always told me that normal people, peasants as we call it, are not to be trusted or to be with. But honestly, there are people out there who are willing to talk to one another. I never knew that I can be so obsessed with socializing and having a life.” “Looks like we’re on the same boat.” Cornelia admitted, “I also want to try my best to talk to new people and to be comfortable in verbal communication. I guess being in the Aurelz is a head start for me to open up.” “You know what? For the first time ever, we have found a thing in common!” Sabrina grinned. Cornelia slowly return a smile and nodded. “Guess who decides to join in the Aurelz?” Sabrina winked, “It’s nice to talk to you, Cornelia Miraeth.”

Cornelia could felt her heart beating with excitement. She has finally found the place where she belongs.

Aurelz’s adventures returns with the second volume “Element Core”. Coming soon! 



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