The missing one

True Story

Two years ago today, “The Last” was released. What a coincidence that a few weeks ago, one groggy morning, a new revelation about the short randomly came to me as I laid in bed. In the video, I listed out 5 “loves” that influenced the man… but I missed one.


The truth is, I did consider it as I was finishing the script, but left it out on purpose, thinking that it didn’t fit with the structure and the message. But I was wrong.

Who, What, When, Where, Why I love… those are all reactive. Each of those happened to him. They each existed and he took what he wanted. That is the whole angle of the short. The 5 loves, these 5 women, and who/what/when/where/why they affected me. But “How” is totally different. “How” is the way in which I reciprocate. It’s active. It’s what we do together

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