Are we actually welcomed in Facebook? Questioning the true meaning of CMC.

Mr Neko

ME copy  Author: Mr. Neko (Haz)

The year was 2006 when I was introduced with a new word, Friendster. The godfather of social network that I bet half of these so called generations X and Y have forgotten. It is not their fault anyway as Friendster went bankrupt when midlife crisis parents decided to act cool like their child, they decided to share their new found of coolness on their children Friendster profile – they must be fun in “party” (Kidding). Computer was just for gaming for me when I was little, a big box full of games, and sometimes jukebox music of Britney Spears singing Ops! She did it again along with my sister pretending there is an albino snake in her shoulder, and dancing as if she was Britney back up dancer . So never in my life I have would guess that eventually one day I could just…

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